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Об этом заявил Вячеслав Потапов, член городской избирательной комиссии от этой партии.

Он основывается на личных наблюдениях и информации, поступающей от однопартийцев.
Вячеслав Потапов, член городской избирательной комиссии от КПРФ:

- В настоящее время обстановка на избирательных участках в Краснодаре, как никогда, спокойная, если оценивать ситуацию с утра и до настоящего времени. Выборы проходят в штатном режиме. Тем не менее, это не исключает попыток нагнетать обстановку со стороны некоторых политических сил, которые забрасывают бессмысленными жалобами крайизбирком.

В частности, речь идет о… горшках с цветами. Якобы их много и они не так стоят. Подобные замечания касаются участков, расположенных в школах.

- На участках ведется видеосъемка, то есть все происходящее там фиксируется и в дальнейшем записи можно будет детально проанализировать, - заметил Вячеслав Потапов.

Он добавил, что опасения по поводу новых изменений законодательства - по работе журналистов – не подтвердились. Все проходит гладко. Представители СМИ аккредитованы.

Явка, по словам собеседника, средняя. В большей степени это «заслуга» погоды. Но до закрытия избирательных участков времени еще достаточно.
- Поэтому, уверен, многие горожане еще воспользуются своим избирательным правом и проголосуют, - подытожил Потапов.


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These were from Awards night

Danielle, learning to drive

Maggie, no hands Mom!

The day before the graduation was the state track meet where Lucas placed 3rd in Division III (which are the tiny schools)

Brotherly love...LOL

One of my proudest moments as a parent so far

So very proud!

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Ok, I'm going to post some of my favorites of her senior pictures, we're going to get them printed this weekend and I'll be sending out invitiations to her party early next week, I hope everyone can make it!
This one is my #1 favorite, taken by Vicky, Jeff's mom

Followed closely by this one taken by Lucas, Jeff's little brother

And here are just a few from prom :)

My personal favorite :)

And while we're on the subject of Lucas...I have to take a minute to brag him up.

On Saturday, before prom, he had a track meet in Ada, where he ran a 14.2 for the 110 high hurdles and broke the school record as well as it being his career personal best.
He also won the BVC conference championship for the 2nd year in a row and is headed to Districts this week, preliminaries on Thursday and finals on Saturday. Good Luck Lucas!

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My little bird just sent me this picture from her cellphone, looks like they got the Cap & Gowns in...I can hardly believe this is real!!! After all the drama and trouble in the beginning of her high school career, she's really made it! I'm so proud of her...and proud of myself really for making a good choice by moving here, even though it cost me a lot (my best friend of 20 years) I know if we had stayed in Michigan, she would never had finished school, and she may not have survived period! You go girl! I'm so excited for you!
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Wow...I can't believe she's 18...I mean I truly can't believe it. The time has just flown by.
Your life is your own, make of it what you will, but here are my best wishes that you have a wonderful future and life,Lil Bird...it's all about choice! You can do anything you have your heart set on if you work hard enough... =)

I love you!

Her 18th birthday is also her senior prom...pics, senior pics and invitations for graduation are coming soon! Can't wait to see everyone there!

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This is kinda loud sorry, turn your speakers down :)

This is Lucas and Chelsea doing 4 roundoff back handsprings with Lucas doing a tuck across the gym floor at Carroll High School during the pre awards @ the Show Choir competition in Indiana. Such a blast! Great job you guys what an outstanding season! I'll post more stuff soon when things aren't so busy. Good night and be well! Going to visit Tina and the family this weekend, I'll upload pics later :)

These are 2 pics of Raven I took that we're thinking about for some of her senior pics, more to come soon~
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Congrats to Tina and Jimmy on the birth of their handsome new son Colin..7lbs 13oz, 19 inches!
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I've really been slacking with this blog, sorry about that...I've just been really busy lately. A lot has happened in a short time so I'll just give you the condensed version of the last couple of months.

On January 14th, my boss told me that he was going to have to lay me off. Business had been so bad and we were so slow that he just couldn't afford to keep 2 of us working, and since I was the low man on the totem pole I got pink slipped. Well, as luck would have it...the feds dropped the interest rate a lot and it has caused quite a little boom of refinancing, so within 2 weeks he called me and asked if I would come back in part-time, Monday, Wednesday and Friday...that was last week. Yesterday I told him that there was too much work for just part time, so I need to come in everyday for now until we slow down again and he said.."OK" LOL...so I basically just told my boss I'm coming back full time and he agreed. Too funny!

Both of the older girls have been busy with Show Choir. They had competitions the last 2 weekends and did very well in both. Last Saturday (January 26th) was Findlay Fest, they didn't make the finals in that one, but I wasn't suprised. Findlay won "Fame" New York last year, which is one of the biggest show choir competitions in the country, therefore, there were a lot more power house groups there this year with huge budgets and props. We still placed 7th and that was still impressive considering the calibur of groups they had there. This past Saturday (February 2nd) we went to the biggest high school in Ft. Wayne, Indiana for competition at Northrop High School. Out of 9 schools in the "small group" catagory, we took Grand Champions overall, best vocals, best choreography, and best instrumentals...after a little mix-up when they announced the awards we were finally named Grand Champs and given our trophy and medals and were the only small group to perform in the finals. We came in 6th place overall and didn't leave Ft. Wayne till about 12:30 a.m. got home around 2:00am,, and by the time we got the equipment truck unloaded and got home it was 2:30...we had to be at the school at 5:45 am so it made for a super long day. I didn't take many pictures though..(again, total slacker!)

On Sunday, Danielle slept pretty much all day. She had been fighting a cold for almost 2 weeks so I figured she was just exhausted from the long day before. Around dinner time I went down to check on her and she was burning up with a 102.5 fever. So she's been sleeping a lot and taking meds for her fever and symptoms, and I told her yesterday if she was still sick today I would take her in to the Dr. When I got up for work this morning she was burning up again so I took her in. They said she has the flu, which for someone with asthma can be a really bad thing. I'm hoping it doesn't develop into pneumonia and that the rest of us are spared, especially me with no health insurance.

So Monday, I get to work and see a blog post from my best friend Ronnie that he has been informed that he will be shipping out to Iraq, possibly as soon as June 2nd. We were hoping that since he got that awesome job with the National Guard as the L.O.D. (line of duty) liasion for the State of Michigan (basically helping soldiers injured in the line of duty t0o get any and all benefits or assistance that is coming to them) that he would be able to stay stateside. I'm really bummed out and worried for him, Stacey and the kids.

Today, I called my mother to tell her about Danielle being sick, and she tried to answer the phone but it went dead, so I called her office. Rose answered the phone, when I asked for my mom she acted really weird and said, well Andrea she's at the hospital with Ernie, he's gone in for a heart cath this morning. He's been having a lot of trouble with his heart lately. He's been short of breath, dizzy and his pace maker/defibulator has been going off 3 or 4 times a week. I guess they went into the Cardiologist yesterday and they decided to do a heart cath and see what's going on in there. The news isn't good. They said they are going to put as many stents in as they can, but they don't know if it will even help, his heart is in that bad of shape. It's just going to give out one of these days.

On the lighter side of things, Jeff's back is doing better and after 3 months off work and 6 weeks of physical therapy, he's finally been cleared to go back to work. Come to think of it, I can't even remember if I posted about him hurting his back or not. LOL.

Talked to Tina this morning, she's scheduled to go in for a C-Section on the 18th of February, so not much longer until her little guy makes his appearance! They haven't decided on a name yet. I'm so excited for her, I adore newborns and will probably take a quick run up to Michigan when he's born to visit them in the hospital.

Last but not least, I have a couple of cute pics I want to add.

First one is Danielle, taken a couple of weeks ago. I really love this pic of her...

Next is one of her and Maggie, taken on Friday when they had no school because we had an ice storm...

Last is Danielle at Findlay Fest getting ready to perform at 8:30 a.m., this was probably taken at 7:30 a.m. or so...

Here is Lucas with his award for Most Dynamic Performer that he won at Findlay Fest

I've got to close for now. If you're reading this and you're the praying kind of person, say a little prayer for Ronnie, that he'll come home safe and that Stacey and the kids will stay strong while he's gone...For Danielle to get well soon...For Tina to have a quick recovery and a healthy baby....and for Ernie and his heart problems.

Till next time...take care!
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